If I may: The Knicks are in a desert. The Knicks have a bottle of water. They dump the water in the sand because fuck the water. They become thirsty. Luckily, there is an oasis with more water. But fuck the water. The Knicks insist on having champagne airlifted in from thousands of miles away even though champagne is extremely expensive and might not last the trip intact and might make them drunk and disoriented and doesn’t necessarily even quench thirst. This is how this feels to me. Any other team drinks water when its thirsty. If they need a GM, they grab a The Knicks won’t do that. They refuse to behave like a normal team.
It’s a journey that begins with a simple step. This 1000 mile journey, you gotta remember that each game is that step that you take along the way.

Phil Jackson has just taken his last steps.

They were not glorious. They were not praised as genius.

They were humbling. They were embarrassing.

But nobody, not one person, will look at this series and question or try to tear down the accomplishments of Phil Jackson. His is arguably, and to some (myself included) unquestionably, the greatest coach in the history of professional sports.

I am not a religious man, but I consider myself blessed to have been raised in Chicago in the 1990s, and to see Phil and his disciples play the best basketball ever seen.

Thank you, Zen Master.