Sources do not expect Dumars to stay in the position much longer—either he’ll step down or owner Tom Gores will go in a new direction. Dumars, one source said, is weary of the criticism he has received in trying to rebuild the Pistons after constructing a franchise that went to the Eastern Conference Finals six years in a row (2003-2008). The criticism, the source said, fails to account for a dismal Detroit economy and restraints placed on Dumars while the franchise was up for sale and ultimately changed ownership hands.

Hey, memo to Joe Dumars, if you’re tired of people criticizing you after you make shitty move on top of shitty move, maybe you should stop making said shitty moves.

I can only roll my eyes so many times at GMs who, with amazing methods of measuring a player’s talent, value, and statistical contribution at their disposal, still manage to make god-awful deals for their franchise.

Am I supposed to feel sorry for Joe Dumars? The dude signed Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon to deals worth a combined 95.7 million dollars over five years, then doubled down by signing Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings for a combined 74 million dollars. Joe Dumars should not have done either of these things, and worse yet, there were plenty of people on the planet who were telling Joe Dumars to not do these things.

Even if all Joe Dumars had to judge players on was game footage, judging players by the eye test alone, he should have known better. Both Smith and Jennings are ball hogs, and two of the most ill-advised shot-takers ever. I’m positive that under “personality” on their NBA 2K14 profiles, both these guys are listed as “unpredictable”. Both players have shown the potential to be good, even very good, but both require a disciplined coach to utilize only their strengths, and coach the weaknesses out of them. Even if Mo Cheeks had been that man, why even tempt fate like this? What the hell was Joe Dumars thinking?

In the fourteen years Dumars has been the President of Basketball Operations and General Manager for the Detroit Pistons, ten head coaches have come, and nine have gone. In the past six years alone, counting current interim head coach John Loyer, the Pistons have had five head coaches. That is absurd. That is absolutely absurd, and it shows that Joe Dumars no longer has any idea what he’s doing, and everybody hates him because of it.

Dumars does not have the right to be frustrated with the criticism of his decisions. The only person Joe Dumars should be frustrated with is Joe Dumars.